Spring signals.

Genius.Spring has reached the northern hemisphere! And for those that live in rural areas it’s an event impossible to miss: flowers of various descriptions sprout from their respective bulbs, amorous birds begin to build their nests, and the ice finally recedes to reveal the shimmering sea. In the city however, far from the tell tale signs of nature, the change in season is signalled in more subtle ways: winter jackets are cast aside, toques (Canadian word for wooly hats) are tucked away in forgotten drawers, skirt lengths shrink to uncover ashen legs, and, as illustrated above, inhabitants of the metropolis begin to consume curiously coloured concoctions at *$ (acronym for a global coffee company). Personally I prefer piping hot tea, even through the summer months, a quirk that is often frowned upon in the line-up (queue in British english).

Note the cube to the right; drawn to help fix position of subjects head.



Me: Dear ‘smart’phone,

FYI you’re a contradiction, dressed up in a slim bright box. Designed to catalyze communication but decided to ruin the conversation: Parents ignore their children, children ignore their parents. Lovers don’t stare into each other’s eyes anymore, they stare blankly at you instead. Yes, friends still gather but there’s no lively chatter, just the faintest clatter, of furious thumbs on touch sensitive screens.

BTW do you notice the Analogue Age veterans, raise their accusing fingers to poke? And do you hear them turn to each other and say,

“Back in our day people spoke.”?

You’ll get no sympathy from them, they’re not LOL. In their eyes you’re a dangerous distraction for driver and pedestrian. A relentless bully, who hides anonymous in the crowd.

On my eyesight, you’re such a terrible strain and men in white coats say you’re affecting my brain. So why don’t you just SWYD?

Don’t get me wrong I’m no Luddite, I just think it’s a shame, one day OMG I might wake up and forget my own name,

until you remind me :-)


Sent: Text & illust. by Russell Jackson.



FYI (For your information).

BTW (By the way).

LOL (Laughing out loud).

SWYD (Stop what your doing).

OMG (Oh! My God).

Analogue Age veteran: Anyone who remembers the rotary dial.

Luddite: 19th century British activist, opposed to Industrial Revolution.




Cityscape.Today’s public have taken to working and sometimes living in these colossal structures. Here, I got totally lost in concentration drawing the patterns formed by the windows until surprised by a suspicious security guard who asked me what I was doing. As the time passed I noticed how much these supposedly inanimate objects changed and shifted as the sky changed around them. Skyscrapers are static objects but require quick pen work all the same. Notice the tiny building on top of the roof to the right? It would make a great studio!