The merchant mariner.

Merchant mariner.I’ve kept this drawing back, hidden within the folds of a sketchbook from last year. It makes me feel uncomfortable. There are a lot of good things about this portrait and some problems too but I think, above all, that it’s something about his stare that unnerves me. A look of fear and of, ‘Why me?’. The look of a man who earlier that morning got some bad news from his oncologist.

Months later, I was relieved to see the Merchant Mariner back at the café. He had responded well to treatment and was set to make a full recovery. Always a high spirited fellow, I’d drawn him out of character on one of his darkest days.

Hope you are well my friend.

The dour Icelander.

The dour Icelander.This was the last drawing I made before leaving Reykjavík, a portrait of a very dour looking local. Such men seemed to haunt the dark corners of Reykjavík cafés especially after the economic collapse there a few years ago. Sometimes they would gather together in dark clouds to discuss politics, in their very dour manner, drowning their sorrows in the blackest coffee there was.